The Certificate-issuing Ceremony for 2019 China-Austria Chengdu WIFI Vocational International Standard Training Held in Our College

Author: This Station Source: News Center Date: 2019-11-28

        (News from the Training and Certification Center)In order to promote the construction of high-skilled talent team in Sichuan Province and cultivate high-skilled craftsmen talents, the Certificate-issuing Ceremony for “2019 Vocational High-skill Improvement Training for Craftsmen Workers in Sichuan Province” and “The 3rd China-Austria Chengdu WIFI Vocational International Standard Training” sponsored by Sichuan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and organized by our College was held in our College on November 22, 2019. Langwieser, a WIFI trainer and certification expert from Austria, and Luo Chen, head of the Training and Certification Center attended the ceremony.

This training is for mechanical-electrical integration. 32 employees from 10 enterprises including Sichuan Provincial Industrial Office for National Defence Science and Technology and Chengdu stitute China Academy Of Engineering Physics Chengdu stitute, CAEP participated in this seven-day training and certification. Langwieser, a trainer from Austria, adopted the task-oriented training mode and taught the trainees to make planning chart through functional diagram, flow chart and other methods, so that the trainees master PLC200 and 300 series programming, hardware operation principles, knowledge and operation of industrial robot and so on. Finally, all the trainees successfully passed the examination, and obtained the international certificate for technical experts in mechanical-electrical integration recognized by the EU.

"The way of thinking and rigorous teaching of the foreign teacher broadened our horizons, inspired our interest in study, made us grasp the comprehensive skills, such as electrical, mechanical, hydraulic pneumatic, data processing skills. We should apply the knowledge to enterprise equipment troubleshooting and upgrading, and this will lay a solid foundation for us to develop functional equipment independently in the future", said the trainees.

This training is aimed to introduce advanced international training and education mode into Sichuan, so that the highly-skilled talents working in the front line of Sichuan Province can learn and master the current international technological development direction and cutting-edge science and technology, further improve the vocational skills and professional quality of the highly-skilled talents in Sichuan province, and train and reserve more skilled craftsmen highly-skilled talents.

It is learned that WIFI, whose full name is the Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, is the largest vocational education institution in Austria, and as an international training and education institution, it is also recognized by the EU. In February 2014, WIFI, Chengdu Science and Technology Service Center and our College entered into and signed a project cooperation agreement through tripartite negotiation, so as to introduce the Austrian vocational education system and certificate authentication, and conducted in-depth cooperation in the fields of machinery manufacturing and electrical technology. This training is the third China-Austria Chengdu WIFI Vocational International Standard Training held in our College.