Friendly cooperation relations established between our College and Gothenburg Technical College

Author: This Station Source: News Center Date: 2019-05-30

     (Provided by College office)   In order to further expand foreign cooperation and improve the reputation and influence of the college, on May 15, Zhuang Yonghui , the deputy secretary of the party committee of college, led a team of 4 people to visit the  Gothenburg Technical College in Sweden. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on further deepening cooperation and other related issues, and signed a memorandum of cooperation.


  First of all, accompanied by Ivan Ekman, the President of Gothenburg Technical College and other relevant personnels, our school representatives led by Zhuang Yonghui visited the school's education and teaching venues.

Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges. Ivan Ekman expressed his sincere welcome to Zhuang Yonghui's visit. She stressed that she had visited our college in Chengdu in October last year. She was deeply impressed by the excellent facilities and equipments and remarkable achievements our students had made in the competition , and then she was eagerly looking forward to the further cooperation.


   Zhuang Yonghui expressed his gratitude to the warm reception of the Gothenburg Technical College and briefly introduced the basis and conditions for cooperation between the two parties. Our college attaches great importance to "school-enterprise cooperation, school-school cooperation" and has formed unique characteristics in school running. Our college has a good cooperation foundation with the Volvo China factory to jointly cultivate talents; The cooperation between our college and the Gothenburg Technical College is an important part of our school’s international cooperation plan, which can help to create a model of cooperation. He put forward specific opinions and suggestions on the next cooperation plan, and he hoped that the two sides would have in-depth cooperation on projects of teacher promotion, talent training, professional construction and student exchange.


   Finally, Ivan Ekman and Zhuang Yonghui signed a memorandum of cooperation respectively as representatives of two parties. The two sides indicated that they would assign special personnel to strengthen communications and ensure the implementation of the cooperation projects.

  It is reported that our college will cooperate with the Gothenburg Technical College in student management, teacher-student exchanges, short-term student study, academic exchanges, teaching resources co-construction and so on, and continuously explore in-depth cooperation in the field of vocational education and training.