Saudi Arabia Project Cooperation Agreement Signed with the Lincoln College Group UK

Author: This Station Source: News Center Date: 2019-04-09


    On the morning of December 6th, James Foster, Head of Business Department of Lincoln College Group and Rick Long, director of international project, and Zhao Yumei, director of international admissions and cooperation visited our college and signed an official international cooperation agreement. Ling Hong, dean of the college, and Ren Zhong, deputy dean, attended the signing ceremony. Also, leaders from other departments attended the meeting, including the Party Committee, Administrative Office, Department of Academic Affairs, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Automation.



    At the meeting, Ling Hong welcomed the delegation from the Lincoln College Group and said that the college attached great importance to the Saudi Arabian project between our two parties. In the early stage, a lot of preparation has been carried out, including discussions about course curriculum, exchange of teachers, skill accreditation, etc. Finally, the international cooperation in the mechanical and electrical fields was settled in the Saudi Arabian branch college. It is hoped that the new education and training fields will be further expanded and benefit more international technical talents.


   Deputy Dean of the College, Ren Zhong, signed the “Saudi Arabia Project Cooperation Agreement” with the Lincoln College, which marks the official launch of the cooperation on the Saudi Arabian project between Chengdu Industry and Trade College and the Lincoln College Group.




   Zhao Yumei, Director of International Admissions and Cooperation of Lincoln College Group, said that through this in-depth visit and exchange, the objectives and methodologies of cooperation were clearer. They looked forward to extensive cooperation in the field of applied engineering technology by meanings of exchange visits between teachers and students, sharing of teaching resources and cooperation with enterprises in Saudi Arabia.  

     At the meeting, further discussion on exchange and cooperation has been conducted between the Lincoln College Group and the Department of Academic Affairs, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation.